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Todd was born in the small town of Morristown,
Tennessee located just 30 miles east of Knoxville,
buried in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.
Typical childhood of a small town southern boy (if
there is such a thing)...plenty of camping, fishing,
boy scouts, baseball, go carts, county fairs... you
name it... if it was to be done, then he did it.  The
youngest of 3 boys, Todd found it a little hard to
earn the majority of attention from his family without
realizing the discovery of his fate.  He had to be the
center of attention, the constant entertainer!
Anything to get noticed...  From class president to
class clown and everything in the middle.  He
participated in all of his school plays, was a member
of the Tennessee all state choir, sang for the Lord
Mayor of London, performed for the United States
congress at the capitol, attended East Tennessee State
University on a full voice scholarship, but was he the
perfect kid?  Heck no... He had his fair share of

Growing up in the South really exposed him to a wide
range of individuals with different backgrounds and
educations.  This made him thirst for more knowledge. 
He had to get out and explore the world.  His main
passion is exploration, especially of other cultures
and civilizations.  Upon graduation of college, he got
to do just that...explore.  Every earned vacation day
saved for an oversees adventure.  Not to mention the
appreciation gained while visiting 49 of our 50 United
States.  Did this mold him into the demented guy he is
today?  It sure as heck didn't hurt.  

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Todd began taking
extensive acting classes from several acting coaches,
all of which tapped into the past characters he had
encountered from his upbringing.  Currently, Todd has
found success in film, several co-star and recurring roles on television programs, a television pilot or two, and several commercials.


Phillip's 76




“With an accent like that, there is no question who I’ll cast as a Tennessee politician”...

producer/political consultant Lawrence O’Donnell


“Todd, where in the South are you from? That accent is funny as hell” ...

actor Ray Ramono


“He brings to the table a palate of colors that makes me love being an acting coach”...

acting teacher/actor/director Larry Chance


“He is one of the funniest students I’ve had in years”...

acting coach Ivan Markota


“I am so excited to watch the world fall in love with you”...

My Mom


“What the heck, you’re a 30+ year old man quitting a great job moving to better not call me wanting money...idiot”...

My Dad

Notable Quotes:

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